The State of Agile:
Benefits & Challenges in 2021 & Beyond

Agile methodologies have exploded in popularity. Within the next three years, 70% of IT professionals plan to integrate Agile not only for their IT department but within their business at large.

Download our infographic to learn:

  • What Agile really means in practice
  • Benefits provided by Agile methodologies
  • The most popular Agile frameworks
  • The challenges faced by real-world professionals when implementing Agile

agile-methods-graphTake a closer look at Agile, what it can do for your business, and what you need to make your Agile adoption a success.

Agile is a new mindset that changes your approach to project management – usually (but not necessarily) software development. The focus is on responding rapidly to new requirements and quickly iterating on the product or service accordingly.

Learn what IT professionals think about the benefits of Agile, the most popular Agile frameworks, and the primary roadblocks organizations face as they transition to an Agile mindset.