Get Started with a Strong Cloud Foundation from an Azure Expert MSP


Our hands-on approach means we’ll help you design the right cloud solution for
you, while teaching your staff essential cloud operations skills and processes.
Each step is accompanied by a report, roadmap, or design document to keep
you on track as you progress along your cloud journey.

Aligned with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), our Adoption Program provides additional value and hands-on guidance. 

Azure Adoption Process:


Cloud Strategy

We'll work with your team to identify business drivers for your cloud strategy and select clearly defined goals for the project. Your cloud strategy also addresses any challenges and compliance and security models.

Adoption Plan

Planning your cloud adoption involves an
in-depth analysis of your existing environment, reviewing best practices for using Azure platforms, and defining the right adoption roadmap for you.


System Architecture

During the build phase, we'll help you choose the right mix of Azure tools and services, creating the system design and launching your first Azure Landing Zone within your environment.

Cloud Migration

When it's time to start migrating your apps and data, Lunavi will provide a detailed migration guide and suggestions for process improvements. We'll help you perform a pilot migration and validation within your Azure environment.



Once you're set up in the cloud, we help you implement Agile processes to achieve a CI/CD approach to service delivery. With your Azure environment established you can begin modernizing applications through automation and process improvements.


Governance & Optimization

Throughout the adoption plan, architecture, migration, and innovation stages, Lunavi helps guide your security controls and monitoring strategy, implementing repeatable processes and automation that adheres to your infosec requirements.

Ready to Launch Your Azure Adoption?

Guided Foundation Build for Azure

When it’s time to launch your Azure environment, our expert consultants will make sure it is built according to industry best practices, with special consideration for:


Security & Compliance

Protect your systems and data through security controls, visibility and monitoring tools, and alignment with required compliance standards.


Identity & Access Management

Setup user roles and manage the identity plane within Azure for secure and streamlined access.



Cost Control & Governance

Efficiently manage your Azure resources to maximize business value, application performance,
and available budget.



Network Configuration

Access your cloud resources from on-prem data centers or third parties while maintaining efficient
bandwidth consumption and security.


Accelerator Modules

After deploying your initial foundation, Lunavi will help deploy or migrate your first workload. These accelerator modules immediately prove the value and capabilities of the new architecture to start your cloud journey out right.
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Application Modernization
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Advanced Security
  • DevOps
  • Data Modernization
  • Disaster Recovery or Backup

Azure Readiness Assessment

A clear first step on the path to cloud, Lunavi’s Azure Readiness Assessment analyzes where you are on your journey and what your next steps should be. The program includes:
  • Audit of your application workloads and resource utilization
  • Cloud readiness report with recommendations to rehost, rebuild, remain, or retire
  • Detailed TCO and cost estimate with options including right-sized licensing and migration planning risks, costs, and timelines

Azure Adoption Workshop

Enable your teams for cloud success with a documented adoption plan customized to your applications, infrastructure, and business strategy. This hands-on engagement includes:

  • Informed planning with system audits, benchmarks, and testing
  • Fully functional Azure build with network, storage, and compute requirements
  • Migration, integration, or new deployments based on your business needs