Learn best practices in Azure with a Microsoft MVP

Lunavi consultant Aman Sharma teamed up with Eric from longtime client Eversource Energy to expand your Microsoft Azure knowledge.


Session 1: Taking Your Architecture in Azure to the Next Level

Learn best practices and make the right choices when designing your Azure environment. This session will cover the key resources and tools at your disposal for cloud architecture. 

Session 2: Enhancing Security in Your Azure Environment

Strengthen your cloud security posture. Topics include Microsoft Defender, PaaS firewall and access restriction, network security, data security, and more. 

Session 3: A Crash Course in Azure DevOps

This session is for both beginners and intermediate users. Learn all about DevOps fundamentals and build your own CI/CD pipelines. Pick up best practices and other tricks of the trade for DevOps usage based on our hands-on experience. 

Session 4: What's New in Azure

This session will take a look at the latest Azure features and peek at the path ahead.  Learn what's new and what is in preview. Enhance your solutions armed with the latest technology that Microsoft has to offer. 

Session 5: Optimizing Your Azure Environment

Learn how to streamline and optimize your Azure environment to reduce costs without compromising performance, enhance your security posture and thwart potential threats, and make your cloud solutions easier to support to avoid operational difficulties in the long run.