Cloud Center of Excellence

Do more in the cloud without sacrificing time, cost, or security.

Find out how to implement, maintain, and scale the cloud to your advantage without wasting resources. A Cloud Center of Excellence can propel your organization to focus on business drivers while operating the cloud more effectively.

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72% of respondents admit their companies moved to the cloud without a proper understanding.2

Moving workloads to the cloud, or managing current workloads does not have to come with growing pains. Implementing a Cloud Center of Excellence can help you develop and execute a cloud strategy that improves performance, scalability, and security while focusing on business drivers.

Our guide explains:

  • What is a Cloud Center of Excellence: learn why this multi-disciplinary team is assembled and what their primary objectives should be.
  • Creating your CCoE: choose the right leader, team members, and ask the right questions to build your framework.
  • Benefits of a Cloud Center of Excellence: transition away from traditional IT with a CCoE that serves as a broker, partner, and representative of the business while avoiding time, cost, and security pain points.
  • Potential pitfalls of a CCoE: there can be pain points in creating a Cloud Center of Excellence, but they can be avoided with the right guidance.



Looking for help optimizing Azure Cloud?

Azure-Expert-MSP-New-Color-Transparent-BG (3)A Cloud Center of Excellence is just one of many solutions that can assist your organization with running an efficient cloud. For the fourth year in a row, Lunavi has maintained its status as an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (AEMSP). This status affords us the best resources Microsoft has to offer and is a testament of our dedication to staying ahead of a dynamic Microsoft ecosystem and guiding our clients through an ever-evolving Azure cloudscape.


Lunavi helps you proactively navigate the Azure cloudscape and can provide you with end-to-end cloud solutions that result in efficiency and added business value while ensuring robust security for your data and operations.

As a part of Microsoft's new Cloud AI Partner Program, Lunavi has earned "Solution Designated" status in the categories of security, infrastructure, modern work, data and AI, as well as digital and application innovation.

Our AEMSP status grants us exclusive access to Microsoft events and product launches. More importantly, it opens doors to substantial funding opportunities through incentive programs like ECIF and AMM PL that can expedite your Azure migration and optimization efforts.

Lunavi has over 15 years of experience helping organizations like yours modernize applications and IT infrastructure. We have proven a well-developed partnership with Microsoft throughout the years to earn their most distinguished level of certification as an AEMSP.