Your Path to Hybrid Cloud

3 Real-World Migration Strategies

Guide decision making around hybrid cloud with these examples from Lunavi clients, including the reasons for selecting various cloud technologies, the business drivers behind the migration, and how to assess and plan for a successful hybrid cloud project.


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Hybrid cloud is here to stay, but by its very nature it takes a different form for every organization. Because hybrid means something different for each use case, there is no “one size fits all” way to implement it.

Uncover three real-world use cases from Lunavi clients plus key statistics and strategies in this new eBook.


Learn why hybrid remains popular and how to begin your path to success.

As cloud deployments continue to mature, IT leaders, their I&O teams, and application owners have discovered that not every workload is an ideal fit for the cloud. A hybrid infrastructure allows you to maintain service levels for your users while embracing modern cloud capabilities such as automation and integrated service platforms.

See how Lunavi designed three real hybrid cloud architectures and the impact they had on clients in the finance, logistics, and non-profit industries.

Over time, hybrid cloud has become a preferred mode. In fact, 85% of IT decision-makers still include on-premises infrastructure as a critical part of their strategy.

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